Federal Asian Pacific American Council - New Mexico Chapter Albuquerque, NM

"Promoting Equal Opportunity and Cultural Diversity for APAs in Government"

MISSION:  To promote diversity and increase coordination among all the departments of the Federal workforce so that economic, business, social, and cultural interests of all Asian Pacific Americans working in the State of New Mexico, whether as a civilian or military, are optimized

VISION:  To pursue interests of Asian Pacific Americans in the Federal workforce, and afford individuals the opportunity to be fully productive team members in accomplishing the mission in the department they are working for, and to provide a bridge between Asian Pacific Americans and the Federal leadership.

BUDGET:  Projected budget information for FY2007 is available here.

1) To increase the coordination between all the Asian Pacific Americans working in various departments of the Federal workforce; 
2) To improve the employment and career advancement opportunities for Asian Pacific Americans in all departments of the Federal workforce throughout the State of New Mexico; 
3)  To promote Asian Pacific Americans cultural awareness among Federal leadership and within communities throughout the State of New Mexico; and 
4) To advance team building among Federal workforce and local communities to create programs and services for the betterment of work and living environment for Asian Pacific Americans.