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Our Operations

NNSA's missions require a secure production and laboratory infrastructure meeting immediate and long term needs. The Associate Administrator for Infrastructure and Operations develops and executes NNSA’s infrastructure investment, maintenance, and operations programs and policies.

Administration Programs

The organization provides timely, cost-effective, and efficient administrative and financial support for NNSA headquarters staff.  The major functions of the office include the design and administration of the corporate planning, programming, budgeting and evaluation system; providing NNSA corporate systems and policies to manage NNSA’s human resources; developing and implementing NNSA-wide procurement policies and procedures; administering NNSA’s diversity program; and developing ways to increase participation of small and disadvantaged business in the NNSA’s programs and procurement

Infrastructure and Environment icon

NNSA's missions require an industrial and laboratory infrastructure that is secure and able to meet immediate and long term operational needs. The associate administrator for Acquisition and Project Management provides the leadership and corporate integration for the development and execution of NNSA’s facilities management policies and programs and project management systems.

NNSA Office of General Counsel

In addition to a team of attorneys at Headquarters in Washington, D.C., the NNSA Office of the General Counsel has one or more attorneys at each NNSA field office across the country, with an especially large number of those working from the NNSA Albuquerque Complex in Albuquerque, N.M.

NNSA General Counsel attorneys are responsible for providing legal advice on a wide variety of complex issues to facilitate achievement of the NNSA's national security mission, in compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations.