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National Security Campus Management and Operating (M&O) Contract Competition

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Welcome to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s website for the National Security Campus (NSC) Management and Operating Contract Competition.

The NSC in Kansas City, MO, is situated on approximately 177 acres. The facility is leased for the NNSA by the General Services Administration. Satellite operations include Government-owned or -leased facilities that provide support to other Department of Energy (DOE) organizations associated with nuclear weapons activities in Albuquerque, N.M.; and at several training and communications sites. The NSC is one of several production plants that are critical to the DOE’s Stockpile Stewardship Program. The primary mission of the NSC is the production and procurement of electrical, electronic, mechanical, electro-mechanical, plastic, and metal components and hardware for nuclear weapons. The projected budget for the NSC management and operating contract is approximately $900 million per year or $9 billion for the ten-year period of performance (including options).

NNSA will use this website as a means to disseminate information relating to this acquisition.

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