Small Business Toolbox

NNSA's Small Business program serves as the Info-structure through which NNSA effectively disseminates information regarding our small business policies, programs and procedures.

Here you will find helpful tools that will guide those small businesses looking for different ways to expand and grow. We offer opportunities such as workshops and research programs that will help on all levels.

Tool #1: NNSA Small Business Opportunity Sessions
Monthly, the NNSA Headquarters' Small Business Program Manager, Program personnel and other invited parties set aside time to meet with small businesses that supply products or services of interest to the NNSA.

Tool #2: NNSA Small Business Teaming Workshop Program
To increase small business participation in larger procurements, the NNSA has embarked on a series of Small Business Teaming Workshops. The series is tied to specific procurement opportunities within the NNSA with scopes of work and contract values large enough to warrant small business teaming solutions.

Tool #3: NNSA Small Business Independent Market Research Program
Researching, identifying, and evaluating, high-quality, top-performing, and competitively-priced small business suppliers for NNSA programs is the function of this tool. Once a program requirement is identified, an independent research task is activated to locate top-of-the-line small businesses with capabilities in the specific performance areas.

Tool #4: NNSA Small Business Sourcing System
NNSA is implementing a system housing small businesses that have participated in our Opportunity Sessions, and have completed the NNSA Capabilities Questionnaire.