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Small Business Teaming Workshop Program

To increase small business participation in larger procurements, NNSA has embarked on a series of Small Business Teaming Workshops. The series is tied to specific procurement opportunities within NNSA with scopes of work and contract values large enough to warrant small business teaming solutions. This program is a key element implementing the Administrator's policy:

"In NNSA, we will reserve for small business all new NNSA non-management and operating (M&O) contract requirements, as well as all expiring NNSA non-M&O contracts where the requirement continues."

As a first step, NNSA will identify the appropriate procurement opportunity and establish the timeline for the Teaming Workshop. We work to ensure participation by as many small and large businesses in the performance area as possible. This encourages teams to be formed that include the expertise, innovation, and responsiveness of small businesses, as well as depth, financial resources, and flexibility of large businesses. Outreach efforts, to encourage participation, include market research, phone contacts, and announcements in trade specific papers and federal procurement publications.