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Virtual Reading Room after to 2000

Sequence Number Report Number Title Read more
51.00 Family Committee Meeting-3rd
52.00 Family Committee Meeting
53.00 Family Committee Meeting-4th
54.00 Joint DOD/DOE Phase 2 Feasibility Study of a High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Weapon Final Report
55.00 PAL control of Theater Nuclear Weapons
56.00 High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Phase 2 Study
57.00 Type B Radiation Exposure, January-March 1965 (pdf, 1,281kb)
58.00 Beryllium Metal Costs
59.00 Letter: SRD report
60.00 Letter: Beryllium Five-Year Projection
61.00 Fax: Beryllium forecasts and sustainability estimates
62.00 Letter: Beryllium Requirements and Scrap Projections
63.00 Total Radionuclide Inventory Associated with Underground Nuclear Tests Conducted at the Nevada Test Site, 1952-1992
64.00 Memo: FL Container Packing Checklist, Appendix 3, for Existing Pits Received From Rocky Flats
65.00 A Short History of the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile: 1945-1985
66.00 The Future of Non-Strategic Nuclear Forces
67.00 Letter: W48 Cracked Pit Incident&bnsp;(pdf, 747kb)
68.00 Little Boy Procurement
69.00 Weekly Report-Leon Fisher
70.00 Memo: Informers and Test Results
71.00 Memo: July Kingman Schedule
72.00 U76 Transportation
73.00 Minutes of Meeting of July 6, held in Room B-212
74.00 Long Range Fallout From Clean Weapons
75.00 Memo: Control of Radioactive Contamination From Large Yield Weapons