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Virtual Reading Room after to 2000

Sequence Number Report Number Title Read more
126.00 History of the Early Thermonuclear
127.00 Final Evaluation Report MK IV Mod O FM Bomb
128.00 Monthly Report of Sandia Laboratory
129.00 12-44-1 Incident
130.00 Engineering Instruction
131.00 Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of the Theoretical Megaton Group
132.00 ES&H/WM Safety Survey Report of W48 serial number 4902 HE Removal and Packaging Operations
133.00 Fax-Cracked W48 Pit
134.00 W48 Pit Storage
135.00 Package Survey Form
136.00 Fax: Requirements for Packaging Contaminated Items
137.00 Accountability Record
138.00 The Evolution of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Design: Trinity to King
139.00 Gun Fabrication Plan
140.00 Nuclear Safety of B57-1/2, B61-0/1/2 During Logistics Operations
141.00 B57 Retrograde Alteration Proposal
142.00 Fax: Product Change Proposal Support
143.00 Introductory Words on H1501(A) Tests
144.00 Technical Manual: Nuclear Weapons Retrofit Order Alt 914
145.00 Interview Transcript-Timothy Allen Frazier vs. U.S. Department of Energy
146.00 Letter: Arnold Kramiah to Frederic de Hoffmann
147.00 Nevada Test Site Radionuclide Inventory, 1955-1992
148.00 Minutes of the Twenty-Fourth Meeting of the Theoretical Megaton Group
149.00 Minutes of the Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the Theoretical Megaton Group
150.00 Minutes of the Twenty-Sixth Meeting of the Theoretical Megaton Group