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Virtual Reading Room prior to 2000

Sequence Number Report Number Title Read more
33.00 DOE/EIS-0228 Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility: Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume 2: Public Comments and Responses
34.00 DOE/EIS-0240 supporting doc Record of Decision for the Disposition of Surplus Highly Enriched Uranium Final Environmental Impact Statement
35.00 Plans DOE/Nevada Operations Office Environmental Management Ten Year Plan
36.00 Plans Albuquerque Operations Office Ten Year Plan, Attachment II
37.00 Plans Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (SNL/NM) Environmental Restoration: A Department of Energy Environmental Cleanup Program, Quarterly Report, December 1995-February 1996
38.00 DOE/EIS-0225 supporting doc Department of Energy Pantex Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement Public Hearing, Held at Las Vegas, Nevada on April 25, 1996
39.00 DOE/EIS-0225 supporting doc Department of Energy Pantex Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement Public Hearing, Held at Richland, Washington, on May 23, 1996
40.00 DOE/EIS-0225 supporting doc Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements Public Meeting Held at the North Augusta Community Center, North Augusta, S.C., on April 30, 1996
41.00 DOE/EIS-0225 supporting doc Department of Energy Public Hearing on the Draft Pantex Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement, Comments on SWEIS for Continued Operation of Pantex Plant and Associated Storage of Nuclear Weapons Components Held in Albuquerque, NM, on May 7, 1996
42.00 Plans Nevada Test Site Treatment Plan and Federal Facility Compliance Act Consent Order
43.00 Plans Site Treatment Plan for Mixed Wastes on the U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation
44.00 LA-12973-ENV Environmental Surveillance at Los Alamos During 1993
45.00 Plans U.S. Department of Energy Kansas City Plant Environmental Monitoring Plan
46.00 Plans-PLN-20 Environmental Monitoring Plan (Pantex Plant)
47.00 DOE/EA-1104 Department of Energy Finding of No Significant Impact Radioactive Source Recovery Program, Los Alamos National Laboratory
48.00 LA-UR-94-1920 Plutonium ES&H Vulnerability Assessment
49.00 DOE/EH-0415 Plutonium Working Group Report on Environmental, Safety and Health Vulnerabilities Associated with the Department's Plutonium Storage, Volume 2, Appendix B, Part 13: Sites with Small Plutonium Holdings Working Group Assessment Team Report
50.00 Plans Environmental Restoration: FY94-FY1998 Five Year Plan
51.00 Plans-LALP-95-113 Site Development Plan, Annual Update 1995: Science Serving Society
52.00 LANL Plans Strategic Plan: Assumptions, Issues, Directions/Goals, Implementation Strategies
53.00 DOE/EIS-0236 Energy & Technology
54.00 DOE/EA-1140 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Restoration Project at Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico
55.00 DOE/AL Economic Impact of the Department of Energy on the State of New Mexico
56.00 DOE/AL Economic Impact of Sandia National Laboratories on Central New Mexico and the State of New Mexico
57.00 DOE/AL Economic Impact of Los Alamos National Laboratory on North-Central New Mexico and the State of New Mexico