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Employee Concerns Reporting Form

Employee Concerns Program Policy Statement

DOE/NNSA recognizes that free and open expression of employee concerns is fundamental and essential to the safe and efficient operations of the Department's mission. Employees of the DOE/NNSA and any contractor or subcontractor fulfilling the DOE/NNSA's mission have the right and responsibility to report concerns relating to the environment, safety, health, security, fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement of Department operations. The DOE/NNSA encourages communications between management and employees and has a zero tolerance for harassment, intimidation, discrimination, or any acts of retaliation against an employee for expressing/identifying concerns.

This report should not contain classified information and is subject to privacy act requirements

Your concerns will be sent to the DOE/NNSA Employee Concerns Program Manager via e-mail

**If reporting anonymously, use a maximum of five characters. You may call the ECP Hotline at (800) 688-5713 for an update on the status of your concern by identifying yourself by your code word.

Describe your concern as clearly as possible. Discuss anything that you think is relevant. Include what you believe caused the problem and what can be done to correct the situation. Provide names, dates, locations, witnesses, and all information you think is important to this concern.
Use format xxx-xxx-xxxx