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Pay Chart

NNSA Demonstration Project Career Path/Pay Band/Salary Range Table

Career Path Pay Band I Pay Band II Pay Band III Pay Band IV
Engineering & Scientific (NN) GS-5 – GS-8 GS-9 – GS-11 GS-12 – GS-13 GS-14 – GS-15
Professional, Technical &
Administrative (NQ)
GS-5 – GS-8 GS-9 – GS-12 GS-13 – GS-14 GS-15
Nuclear Materials Courier (NV) GS-8 – GS-10 GS-11 GS-12 GS-13
Technician &
Administrative Support (NU)
GS-1 – GS-4 GS-5 – GS-8 GS-9 N/A
Future Leaders (NF) GS-5 – GS-8 GS-9 – GS-11 GS-12 – GS-13  N/A

Engineering and Scientific Career Path (NN) - All professional positions in the GS-800 engineering family and GS-1300 physical sciences family.

Professional, Technical, and Administrative Career Path (NQ) - All OPM-recognized professional occupations (except GS-800 engineers and GS-1300 physical scientists) requiring positive education requirements, and all other subject-matter, business, and administrative occupations characterized by a traditional two-grade interval pattern of grade progression (i.e., GS-5/7/9/11).

Nuclear Materials Courier Career Path (NV) - All positions in the GS-084 job series.

Technician and Administrative Support Career Path (NU) - All technician, secretarial, assistant, and clerical occupations, and similar positions characterized by a traditional one-grade interval pattern of grade progression (i.e., GS-5/6/7/8).

Future Leaders Career Path (NF) - All interns enrolled in NNSA’s two-year Future Leaders Program in various engineering, scientific, professional, technical, and administrative positions.