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Future Science & Technology Programs

NNSA has several major projects which are designed with future stockpile needs in mind.  They are focused on the research and development efforts and the long-term vitality of science and engineering at NNSA.

NNSA is focused on developing and maintaining the critical scientific and technical capabilities that are needed to maintain the nuclear weapons stockpile for the long term.  Doing so is technically challenging, and involve multifunctional efforts with definitive milestones, specific work plans, and specific "deliverables" or project requirements.  These high-tech methods are planned and executed by integrated teams from across the entire nuclear weapons complex, and allow the Secretary of Energy to continue to certify the nuclear weapons stockpile without underground nuclear testing.

As part of these efforts, NNSA seeks to identify, develop, and deliver new or enhanced processes, technologies, and capabilities to meet the current and future U.S. defense needs.  This will help NNSA transform the complex into a more agile and more responsive enterprise with greater design to production integration, shorter cycle times, and lower production in operating costs.