Program Activities

Provide leading edge, high-end simulation capabilities needed to meet weapons assessment and certification requirements

Predict, with confidence, the behavior of nuclear weapons, through comprehensive, science-based simulations [Cit.]

The Advanced Simulation and Computing program (ASC) is one of National Nuclear Security Administration’s  Defense Programs Campaigns.  Defense Programs has three components:

    Directed Stockpile Work (DSW)
    Readiness in Technical Base and Facilities (RTBF)

Campaigns are directed at making the scientific and technological advances necessary to assess and certify weapon performance now and over the long-term.  They develop and maintain specific critical capabilities that are needed to sustain a viable nuclear deterrent

ASC is one of six major campaigns:

    Science Campaign
    Engineering Campaign
    Inertial confinement fusion Ignition and High Yield (ICF) Campaign
    Advanced Simulation and Computing
    Pit Manufacturing and Certification Campaign
    Readiness Campaign