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ASC Logo Use Guidelines

JPG Format


Use any of the JPEG versions below for ordinary, everyday use in Word documents or in viewgraphs. These logos will have a white or black background, so please use them appropriately. To download a logo, right-click on the image and Save As. For a larger version of the logo, click on the link to the right.


EPS Format

The file below contains the EPS format in Adobe Illustrator™ for use by graphic designers who produce multi-color documents for offset printing. The EPS logos are in vector images that can be resized without losing resolution, and they do not have backgrounds, so they can be placed on any color.

ASC Logo for Distribution.eps

Usage Guidelines

Like all logos for any product or name, the ASC logo also has usage standards. Below are “do” and “don’t” guidelines.


  1. Use only the approved logos.
  2. Use only the colors provided.
  3. Use as provided.
  4. Use logo with black text on light background, logo with white text on dark background.
  5. Use on any colored background.
  6. Use drop shadow or other effect around logo.
  7. Use shapes from logo as a design element (as long as it is not used as the logo, but only for design).
  8. Leave space around the logo.
Combine logo with other elements (i.e., replace color fill with pictures, incorporate other logos or words into the logo, etc.).
Change logo colors.
Change fonts.
Move or alter type.
Remove or distort (i.e., squeeze or stretch) elements when using logo as an identification. This includes the “TM”, which is part of the official ASC logo. You may remove the type when using the logo as a design element.