US/Russian Collaborations

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Development and Study of a Method Adaptive in Angle Variables for Solving 2D Transport Equation

Mesh Refinement and Reconnection in Arbitrary Polyhedral Free-Lagrange Hydrodynamics Simulations

Multifunctional Shock Tube Experimental Investigation of Gravitational Instabilities Evolution

Monte Carlo Input Translators and Generator

Vanadium Dynamic Strength Measurements

The ACT-Electronic Project-Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Actinides

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Elastic-Plastic and Spall Mechanisms in Cu when Dynamic Loading

Development and Study of a Method Adaptive in Energy Variables for Solving the Radiation Transport Equation

Structured/Unstructured Hybrid Mesh Hydrodynamics and Heat Conduction Studies

Analytical Solutions to Test Computer Codes Simulating Gas Dynamics and Radiation Transport Problems in Different Approximations

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Experimental-Theoretical-Numerical Studies of Constitutive Behavior and Damage Mechanics

Influence of Dynamic Material Properties on Perturbation Growth in Solids

Shock Compression Studies of Phase Changing Materials with PVDF and Manganin Gauges

Publication of the Monograph Entitled “Methods for Study of Substance Properties Under Intense Dynamic Loading”

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Shock-Induced Microstructure Evolution and Helium Bubble Diffusion in Metals

Phase Transition Kinetics and High-Rate Stress-Strain Response of Pure Cerium

Development of an Improved Detonation Model

Application and Study of the KM and VKL Methods on Flows with Interfaces

Liner Physics (LP) Experiments for Pulse Power Hydrodynamics

Atlas Liner Technology (ALT) for Pulsed Power Hydrodynamics

High-Energy Liner Experiment (HEL-1)

High Strain/High Strain Rate (HSR) Experiments

Exploration of Damage Mechanisms in Cylindrical Geometry

Advanced Liner Technology Using VNIIEF Disk Explosive Magnetic Generators (DEMG)

Sandia National Laboratories

Numerical Simulation of Wire Array Implosions

Development of Hybrid Codes for Modeling Petawatt Laser Interactions with Dense Matter

Numerical Magneto-Hydrodynamic Simulation of Z- and Z-θ Pinches at Pulsed Power Facilities at Sandia National Laboratories

Atomistic Study of Phonon Generation and Evolution by Laser Excitation

Atomistic Study of Phonon Generation and Evolution During Dynamic Crack Propagation

Performance and Reliability Modeling of MEMS: Modeling the Effects of Mechanics and Chemistry on Material Damage and Failure

Development of a Platform-Independent Molecular Builder and Visualizer

Extending Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation Methods

Scalability Assessment for Parallel Algorithms of Numerical Simulation: Gas Dynamics and Heat Conduction (Diffusion)

Development of Fast High Current Linear Transformer Drivers for the Next Generation of Z-pinch Fusion Drivers

Measurement of Time Instability (Heterogeneity) of Parallel Computer and Its Impact on Parallel Algorithm Scalability

Scalability Studies for Simulation Codes Based on Varying Models of Interprocessor Communications

Thermal Decomposition of Polymeric Materials

Z-Theta Plasma Compression Experiments