Contact Information

At each of NNSA's eight sites, leading-edge research and development is carried out on key national security technologies critical to the United States and its allies. Programs include science, technology and engineering essential to sustaining the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, plus a wide array of work on other efforts for the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, among others, plus exquisite support to the Intelligence Community. The NNSA enterprise is home to some of the world’s finest R&D capabilities, including the largest lasers, fastest computers, most capable explosives and radiography facilities and, most importantly, some of the most creative and productive minds in science and engineering.

Points of contact for further information and details on specific research opportunities:

NNSA/Defense Programs

Garry Kuhn
Senior Program Advisor

Robert Meisner
Director, Office of Advanced Simulation and Computing and Institutional Programs

NNSA Laboratories and Sites

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mr. Barry Goldman, Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Manager
(925) 422-5177

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jonathan Ventura, Executive Advisor to Principal Associate Director for Weapons Programs
(505) 606-0170

Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Doug Wall, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Nuclear Weapons
(505) 844-6904

Staci Dorsey, NWSMU Operations

Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Test Site)

Asa Von Sudderth, Principal Engineer, Defense Experimentation and Stockpile Stewardship
(702) 295-1097

Y-12 National Security Complex

Tom Fisher, Director of Directed Stockpile Work and Campaigns/PDRD Programs
(865) 241-9044

Savannah River Site 

Angeline French, MAC Program Coordinator
(803) 208-2110


Michael J. Brinson, Department Manager Process Engineering
(806) 477-6926

Kansas City Plant

Shari Frank, Senior Human Resources Manager at Honeywell
(816) 997-5433

Program points of contact for the United States military academies:

United States Air Force Academy

Col Robert Kraus, POC for Cadet Summer Research Programs (CSRP)
(719) 333-4195

United States Naval Academy

Prof. J.E. Shade, Associate Director of Research & Scholarship for Internships and Technology Transfer, Professor of Chemistry and USNA ORTA
(410) 293-2509

United States Military Academy at West Point

Ms. Lesley Beckstrom, Assistant Dean, Academic Research
(845) 938-5105

United States Coast Guard

LT Kara Burns
(860) 701-6635

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Dr. Shashi Kumar, Dean of Academics
(516) 726-5833