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Program Requirements


  • Academies: USAFA, USNA, USMA, USCGA, USMMA cadets/midshipmen
  • NNSA Sites: LANL, LLNL, SNL, NNSS, Pantex, KC Plant, Y-12 Plant, Savannah River
  • NNSA Headquarters: Defense Programs management

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student in good standing
  • Secret security clearance with some authorized to CNWDI (RD) desired
  • Major in physics, chemistry, engineering, material science, life science, computer science, social science (political science, psychology and public affairs) and other relevant fields

How To Apply

Read through this website and visit each of the eight websites to find out more about the diverse and broad range of research and work performed at each of the Sites. You will find that there are interesting opportunities that are sure to match your interests and that will enhance your career in the military.

Next, find the site that is the best fit for you by talking to the points of contact listed for the sites of interest to you.

Once you and the Site coordinator have committed to your participation in the program, the Site's point of contact will coordinate with your Academy to work out the details between you, your school and the Site you've selected.

If you're not sure where you might fit into the nuclear security enterprise, please contact NNSA headquarters for more information about the program.