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Kansas City National Security Campus (NSC), located in Kansas City, Mo., is the principal nonnuclear production site within the nuclear weapons complex, responsible for manufacturing and procuring nonnuclear components for nuclear weapons, including electronic, mechanical, and engineered material components. It supports national laboratories, universities, and U.S. industry. Work for other federal agencies is also conducted at NSC in a variety of national security programs. Additionally, NSC is an NNSA leader in the Six Sigma program for continuous process improvement.

LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), in Livermore, Calif., is a national security laboratory responsible for the design, engineering, safety and reliability of the nuclear explosives package in nuclear weapons. It supports surveillance, assessment, and refurbishment of the nuclear weapons stockpile. LLNL also possesses unique high-energy-density physics capabilities and scientific computing assets, as well as world-class lasers and high explosives facilities with robust research programs. LLNL is also home to a broad range of national security work for the DoD, DHS, the intelligence community and others.

LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), in Los Alamos, N.M., is a national security laboratory and the original nuclear weapon design site, dating back to the historical Manhattan Project of World War II. It is responsible for the design, engineering, safety and reliability of the nuclear explosives package in nuclear weapons. This laboratory possesses unique capabilities in neutron scattering, enhanced surveillance, radiography, and plutonium science and engineering. LANL also has premier programs in global security, nonproliferation, bio threats, global climate modeling and other critical problems.

NTSNevada National Security Site (NNSS), near Las Vegas, Nev., is where the U.S. conducted most of its historical underground and above-ground nuclear weapons tests. In the current moratorium on nuclear testing, the primary mission of NNSS is to support stockpile stewardship, environmental management, emergency response, and technology diversification. NNSS safely conducts high-hazard operations, testing, and training in support of NNSA, the DoD, DHS, and other federal agencies. It also provides the government with the capability to return to underground nuclear testing should the President deem it necessary.

PantexThe Pantex Plant, located near Amarillo, Texas, is the nation's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. It is charged with maintaining the safety, security and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. Work performed at Pantex includes support of the nuclear weapons life extension programs; nuclear weapons dismantlement; the development, testing and fabrication of high explosive components; and interim storage and surveillance of plutonium pits.

SandiaSandia National Laboratories (SNL), in Albuquerque, N.M., and a smaller site in Livermore Calif., are responsible for the development, testing and manufacture of specialized nonnuclear components, quality assurance and systems engineering for all U.S. nuclear weapons. SNL conducts major environmental testing, computations to model the entire nuclear weapon lifecycle, plus a large program in pulsed power. SNL also is home to NNSA’s largest and most diversified program of work for other agencies.

SRSSavannah River Site (SRS), near Aiken, S.C., is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy, but NNSA operates tritium facilities on the site to supply and process this vital component of nuclear weapons. SRS recycles, extracts, and enriches tritium gas and loads tritium and non-tritium reservoirs. The Tritium Extraction Facility (TEF) at SRS is the only source of new tritium for the nuclear weapons stockpile. Also at SRS is the NNSA Office of Site Engineering and Construction Management, which manages activities related to U.S. nonproliferation efforts to dispose of surplus highly enriched uranium and surplus weapons-grade plutonium.

Y12Y-12 National Security Complex (Y-12), near Oak Ridge, Tennessee, serves as the nation’s only source of enriched uranium nuclear weapons components and provides enriched uranium for the U.S. Navy. Y-12 is a leader in materials science and precision manufacturing and serves as the main storage facility for enriched uranium. Y-12 also supports efforts to reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation and performs complementary work for other government agencies.