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University Partnerships / Academic Alliances

By 2025, the weapons complex will have replaced the entire generation of scientists who designed, tested and built the weapons in the current stockpile.  Ensuring the long-term success of stockpile stewardship will require maintaining a high-quality workforce: theorists, experimentalists, diagnosticians and engineering teams to design experiments, operate facilities and, ultimately, keep the stockpile safe, secure and effective.  Consequently, the Office of Research, Development, Test and Evaluation supports university partnerships in areas of fundamental science and technology relevant to Stockpile Stewardship, with a focus on those areas not supported by other federal agencies.  University partnerships help to stimulate innovative scientific ideas and technical approaches by engaging the academic community in fundamental scientific aspects of stockpile stewardship.  These partnerships also create a pipeline of graduates trained in the areas for which there is a recruiting need within the NNSA/DP laboratories.

High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas

National Laser Users’ Facility Grant Program

Predictive Science Academic Alliances Program

Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Program

University Program in Advanced Technology

Graduate Fellowship Programs
- Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship Program
- Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program