Second Line of Defense Program

In April 2009, President Obama called the danger of a terrorist acquiring nuclear weapons “the most immediate and extreme threat to global security.” Four years later, the mission of the Second Line of Defense remains to strengthen the capabilities of partner countries to deter, detect, and interdict illicit trafficking of radioactive materials  at international border crossings  including: border checkpoints, airports and seaports, internal locations and other controlled land and maritime borders.

By providing the tools and training for nonproliferation to partner countries, the Second Line of Defense is able to spearhead the global nuclear security effort in two ways:

Implementation Program: the installation and deployment of  fixed and mobile radiation detection equipment at border checkpoints, airports and seaports, internal country locations, and maritime borders.

Sustainability Program: providing guidance, methodology, and practical transition support for the partner country as they assume fully operational, maintenance, and management responsibilities of the implemented radiation detection equipment.