The Office of Nuclear Controls

Certain terrorist groups and states are attempting to acquire WMD dual-use materials, technology, and expertise.

The Office of Nuclear Controlsbuilds domestic and global capacity to prevent and detect the diversion of WMD-related dual-use material, technology, and expertise.

Specific subprogram activities include:

  • Strengthening U.S. Government capacity to detect, prevent, and interdict WMD-related commodity and technology transfers to foreign programs of concern.
  • Strengthening foreign partner capacity to detect, prevent, and interdict illicit trafficking of WMD-related material, equipment, and technology.
  • Strengthening foreign partner WMD-related knowledge/information security and mitigating the risk of expertise proliferation through science and technology collaboration, outreach, and training.
  • Strengthening foreign partner nuclear forensics capabilities to help deter illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological material.