The Office of Nuclear Detonation Detection (NDD)

The Office of Nuclear Detonation Detection (NDD) develops, demonstrates, and delivers technologies to detect, report, locate, and identify worldwide nuclear detonations.

These efforts are aligned along three functional areas:

  • Space-based Detection of Nuclear Detonations: Develops and builds space sensors for the nation’s operational nuclear test treaty monitoring and Integrated Threat Warning/Attack Assessment capabilities.
  • Ground-based Detection of Nuclear Detonations: Produces and updates the regional geophysical datasets and analytical understanding to enable operation of the nation’s ground-based nuclear detonation monitoring networks; and provides technical expertise and leadership for development of next-generation seismic and radionuclide nuclear detonation detection technologies.
  • Nuclear Forensics: Conducts R&D to advance analytic forensic capabilities related to nuclear detonations to improve the speed, accuracy, reliability, confidence, and specificity of nuclear forensics analysis.