The Office of Proliferation Detection (PD)

Particle neutron image measurements associated with the Warhead Measurement Campaign.

The Office of Proliferation Detection (PD) develops technologies to detect foreign nuclear weapons programs; supports nuclear arms control treaty verification and monitoring for compliance, and supports national nuclear security.

The PD efforts are aligned along three functional areas:

  • Nuclear Weaponization and Material Production Detection: Supports the development of technology to target the detection and characterization of foreign weapons program activities, including materials and weapons production.
  • Nuclear Weapons and Material Security: Supports the development of nuclear security and nuclear arms control treaty monitoring and verification tools and applications, and supports operational interdiction and nuclear security efforts across NNSA.
  • Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities: Supports the development of novel, cross-cutting technologies like simulations, algorithms and modeling applicable to multiple NNSA and the interagency missions.