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Emergency Communications


Emergency Communications Network logoNNSA's Emergency Communications Network (ECN) provides managers at NNSA with the capability to exchange real-time voice, data, and video information for managing emergency situations that involve NNSA assets and interests.

The Emergency Communications Network is a multi-faceted communications network providing classified and unclassified voice, video, and data communications between NNSA headquarters and approximately 55 remote sites and mobile units via dedicated leased lines and satellite transmission.

The Mobile Emergency Communications Network provides a portable dynamic communications capability for NNSA emergency response assets, with full connectivity to the ECN and possibly other networks.  The Mobile ECN also provides satellite backup capability for the ECN and Home Team terrestrial circuits.

 The Mobile ECN is capable of classified and unclassified data, voice, and video;  wide-band satellite connectivity between NNSA emergency response assets and Home Teams; and simultaneous support of multiple deployed systems.