HQ Emergency Management Team (EMT)

NNSA ensures that capabilities are in place to respond to any NNSA and Department of Energy facility emergency. It is also the nation's premier responder to any nuclear or radiological incident within the United States or abroad and provides operational planning and training to counter both domestic and international nuclear terrorism.

NNSA's Headquarters (HQ) EMT is the sole emergency focal point for HQ during an emergency.  The HQ EMT acquires and manages event-related information, monitors HQ and field response actions, coordinates with other federal agencies, and receives/elicits emergency-related information:

  •  Field emergency management provides periodic situation report. 
  • Review field response (e.g., protective actions)

The EMT provides briefings and/or reports to NNSA and Department of Energy senior management, coordinates/provides support to field response operations, and coordinates response actions with other federal agencies.

The EMT works off of the Headquarters Emergency Management Team Plan.  The plan describes missions, functions, and the concept of operations of the HQ EMT.  The plan addresses Operational Emergencies, Energy Emergencies and Emergency Assistance.  The EMT supports NNSA and Department of Energy field elements and other activities.  The EMT structure and support resources vary with nature and severity of emergency.