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Emergency Operations Training Academy

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The Office of Emergency Operations, NA-40-The Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA) 

EOTA provides training and education to enhance the readiness of personnel in the radiological-nuclear emergency operations community. For more information or to contact us, visit the EOTA website at:


The Emergency Operations Training Academy will be recognized as the model technical training provider for Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration emergency operations personnel, we will expand our customer base both domestically and internationally, and we will enhance emergency operations management and response through identification, development, and implementation of superior training and education.


The Emergency Operations Training Academy provides state-of-the-art training and education for the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration, to enhance the readiness of personnel in the emergency operations community. As a leader in the field of Emergency Management and Response Training, the Emergency Operations Training Academy’s business management system is registered as being in full compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard.

Current Courses

Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) Training
Analysis Leadership Training
Assessment and Data Processing
Assessment Manual Training
Categorization and Classification Overview
Consequence Assessment Application (Los Alamos personnel ONLY)
Consequence Assessment Overview (course is currently under revision)
Consequence Based Emergency Decision Making
Consequence Management (CM) Drill
Consequence Management Official (CMO) Training
Continuity of Operations Awareness
Crime Scene Issues, Hazards, and Law Enforcement Interface
Crisis / Critical Communications
Critical Thinking Skills
Developing Exercise Scenarios
DOE/NNSA Asset Overview
DOE/NNSA Policy and Procedures
Drill and Exercise Train the Trainer Evaluator and Controller Course
Effective Techniques for Evaluating Your Emergency Management Program
Emergency Classification Decision Making with Imperfect Information Workshop
Emergency Facilities and Equipment Overview
Emergency Medical Integration & Coordination
Emergency Medical Support Introduction
Emergency Notifications and Communications
Emergency Public Information Overview
Emergency Response Organization Overview
Emergency Termination and Recovery Overview
Enhancing Initial Response Effectiveness: General Exercise
Enhancing Initial Response Effectiveness: Imperfect Information
Enhancing Initial Response Effectiveness: Security Exercise
Enhancing Initial Response Effectiveness: Transportation Exercise
Enhancing Response Effectiveness
Event Investigation and Analysis for Emergency Management
Executive Senior Energy Official Seminar Pilot
Exercise Design Lab
Exercise Design Lab (Sat. is now all day)
Explosive Effects and Countermeasures
Explosive Threat Awareness
Field Monitoring Team Training, Adv
Field Monitoring Team Training, Introduction
Fundamentals of Exercise Design
Geographic Information System (GIS) Overview
Hazards Survey and Hazards Assessment Overview
Health and Safety Orientation
Implementing Protective Actions & Reentry for Decision-Makers
InSitu Training
Integrating Emergencies into the Occurrence Reporting System
Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS) Training
Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS) Training
Introduction to Analytical Risk Management
Introduction to Radiation
Introduction to Training and Drills
Joint Information Center (JIC) Overview
Managing Corrective Actions Overview
Managing Offsite Response Interfaces
Managing Offsite Response Interfaces - Interactive Forum
Mission Planning
Monitoring Division Manager Training, Introduction
Monitoring Division Mgr Training, Adv
NARAC Dispersion Modeling
Operations Overview of Consequence Management
Overview of the DOE/NNSA Emergency Exercise Program
Preparing for Evaluation of Your Emergency Management Program or Exercise
Principles of Navigation
Principles of Radiation
Principles of Recordkeeping and Information Management
Program Administration Overview
Protective Actions & Reentry for Emergency Planners
Radiation and Pager/Pager-S
Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) Overview
Radiological Assistance Program: Health and Safety
RAPTER Training and Evaluation Exercise
Readiness Assurance Overview
Response Agency Network
RoadRAPTER Pilot
Roles and Responsibilities of Initial Responders: Enhancing Initial Response Effectiveness
Roles and Responsibilities of the EM Program Administrator
Sample Control Training, Adv
Sample Control Training, Introduction
Security Procedures for the RAP Responder
Senior Energy Official - Practical Application Workshop
Spokesperson and the Media Training
Technical Training for CM Managers
Training Practices and Instructor Development
Vehicle Bomb Search Methods
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): Training
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): Training Exercises
WMD Response Training