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NNSA provides real-time technical and policy support for efforts by the U.S. government to facilitate a wide range of counterproliferation and counterterrorism interdiction options.  NNSA's Nonproliferation and International Security program has developed a comprehensive capability to extract actionable information dealing with proliferation networks, technology transfers and the involvement of entities and persons of interest in proliferation and terrorism.  The backbone of this capability is comprised of various customized electronic database applications that exploit information and provide rapid, real-time technical support to the U.S. government on illicit transfers of proliferation-sensitive technology and commodities; technology assessments at NNSA, the Department of Energy and U.S. industry; updates on proliferation network off-shoots; support to the International Atomic Energy Agency off site link role of investigating proliferation networks; and evaluation of the impact of proliferation networks on global safeguards and export controls systems.