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Office of National Infrastructure & Sustainability

The Office of National Infrastructure and Sustainability (ONIS) is responsible for assists the Russian Federation in developing and maintaining a nation-wide MPC&A infrastructure, thereby ensuring that U.S.-funded security upgrades can be maintained by Russia.  As part of this effort, ONIS is developing strategies for transitioning technical and financial support for the operation of MPC&A systems to full Russian Federation support.

ONIS activities include:

  • Develops regulations and procedures for MPC&A operations, and strengthens inspection and oversight capabilities.
  • Develops training programs for Russians in MPC&A program management, MPC&A fundamentals, MPC&A systems and operation and maintenance.
  • Upgrades protective force training and housing facilities to improve their ability to protect nuclear warheads and nuclear materials.
  • Upgrades key elements of nuclear weapons and material transport infrastructure, including railcars, trucks, escort vehicles, material over-packs, command centers and communications technologies.