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Defense Nuclear Security

The Office of Defense Nuclear Security develops and implements NNSA security programs to protect, control, and account for materials, information, and facilities across the nuclear security enterprise.

The Office of the Chief, Defense Nuclear Security (CDNS) executes responsibility for the overall direction and management of security programs employed across the nuclear security enterprise comprised of NNSA’s operations and facilities. The CDNS is charged with the development and implementation of all security programs employed at NNSA facilities, policy implementation and the continuous improvement of program integration and standardization. The Office of the CDNS serves as the responsible organization for providing engineering, technical, operational, and administrative security as well as Headquarters oversight to NNSA federal line organizations and mission partners in order to assure effective security program execution throughout the NNSA. This responsibility includes the physical, materials control and accounting, classified and sensitive information protection, personnel, technical, and cyber security programs.

The Office of the Associate Administrator for Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70) is responsible for strategic requirements development and the evaluation of security programs for the NNSA. NA-70 develops strategic requirements which incorporate security-related guidance from the national, Departmental, and Administration levels and evaluates NNSA federal line organizations and mission partners to determine compliance with, and adequacy of, existing policies and communicates the results to the Secretary and Administrator.