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NMMSS Fill-able Forms

NOTE: The forms on this page require Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above to work correctly. They do not support other browsers at this time.

Available forms: DOE/NRC 741, DOE/NRC 742, DOE/NRC 742C

You must download two programs before you can use the forms on this page. Click the zip file titled "NMMSS Fill-able Forms Installation Packet" at the bottom of this page and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open and read the first file, titled "Step 1 - Instructions." This document explains how to download the programs that you will need in order to use the forms.

Step 2: Open the second file, titled "Step 2 – Installation 1" to download and install the .exe program. Open the third file, titled “Step 2 – Installation 2” to download and install the .msi program.

Step 3: You should now have a shortcut named "NMMSS Electronic Forms" in your "Start" menu. From "Start", go to "All Programs" and select "NMMSS Electronic Forms." From there you can select the form(s) you need.

NMMSS Fill-able Forms Installation Packet (zip file)