2007 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

U.S. Department of Energy / U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System
2007 NMMSS Users Training Meeting

NMMSS is sponsored by the Office of Materials Integration within the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Speaker Bios 50.51 KB
Agenda357.69 KB
Brian Horn - Impact on Data Submitters156.14 KB
Brian Horn - Reconciliation168.29 KB
Brian Horn - Source Material Reporting5.35 MB
Planned Changes to NUREG/BR-0006 (Brian Horn) 156.53 KB
Planned Changes to NUREG/BR-0007 (Brian Horn) 156.29 KB
Bruce Moran - Additional Protocol238.11 KB
Dan Collier - NMMSS Focus and Achievements196.25 KB
Dan Farmer - NMMSS Software Upgrade Schedule529.32 KB
Fritz Strydom - Sealed Sources316.25 KB
Gail Powers - Obligation Issues149.36 KB
Helen Burns - LANMAS Advanced Features235.21 KB
Helen Burns - LANMAS Decay and Rounding324.75 KB
James Crabtree - NMMSS Policy Update183.04 KB
Karen McCulloch-Foreign Obligations at DOE Facilities 75.96 KB
Martha Williams - Update of MCA168.26 KB
Mitch Hembree - NMMSS Upgrade155.83 KB
Neelam Bhalla - Planned NRC Rulemaking192.73 KB
Ray Holmer - Introduction to HS-1.22129.11 KB
Ron Bonifay - NMMSS Reports266.74 KB
Ron Bonifay - Upcoming NMMSS Training167.1 KB
Rose Martyn - Russian Reporting 1.44 MB
Sam Brown - NMMSS Upgrade Impact on Submitters191.41 KB
Sam Brown - SAMS Demo192.34 KB
Stephanie Mirabello - Agreements for Cooperation and Obligations73.44 KB
Tina Barnett - Current Process for DOE Project Numbers185.92 KB
Tony Escobedo -Electronic Communication with NMMSS289.12 KB