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Sandia National Laboratories

Allison Davis
Allison Davis
October 2009 NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence

Two individuals and nine teams received the NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence at ceremonies this year at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and California. The NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence were created in the early 1980s to give special recognition to those at the laboratories and plants directly associated with the stockpile modernization program. Today, the awards honor exceptional contributions to the stewardship and management of the stockpile.

Allison Davis received her award while on assignment in Washington, D.C. Allison is recognized for vital and lasting contributions to NNSA Weapon Quality Assurance. Her outstanding technical expertise and significant contributions to the NNSA weapon quality community made Allison an indispensable asset to the Nuclear Weapon Surety and Quality Division (NA-122.1) as well as the Office of Military Application and Stockpile Operations (NA-122). Allison provided a wealth of experience to the NNSA weapon quality assurance program during a period of significant turmoil and transition. Her steadfast commitment to mentoring those charged with executing the administration's weapon quality assurance initiatives serves as clear evidence of her strong leadership and commitment to excellence.

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