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Seismology Group Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Artie Rogers demonstrating seismology modeling.
Artie Rogers
August 2009 Fulbright Scholarship

Artie Rodgers, Seismology Group Leader at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. In January he will be heading to Grenoble, France to study the relationship between topography and seismology with computer modeling at Laboratoire de Géohysique Interne et Tectonophysique (LGIT), Université Joseph Fourier. While at LGIT, Rodgers, will be using computational models of earthquakes and explosions to determine how free-surface topography impacts ground motion. The Fulbright Scholarship was introduced in 1945 as a bill in Congress by Arkansas Sen. J. William Fulbright. It called for the use of proceeds from the sales of surplus war property to fund the "promotion of international good will through the exchange of students in the fields of education, culture and science." A year later, President Harry Truman signed the bill into law.

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