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Facility Representative, Technical Area (TA-55) Plutonium Facility, Los Alamos Site Office

John Krepps
John Krepps
June 2010 U.S. Department of Energy Facility Representative of the Year

John Krepps, a facility representative for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Los Alamos Site Office, received the Department of Energy’s top award for oversight of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities.

Krepps, a Los Alamos resident, works as a facility representative at the Technical Area (TA-55) Plutonium Facility. The TA-55 facility provides the expertise for stewardship and management of plutonium components in the nuclear weapons stockpile and provides surveillance, fabrication, assembly, certification, and dismantlement.

Krepps oversees all activities at TA-55. He performs daily walkthroughs of the facility, attends assessments of facility operations, and monitors the many activities designed to ensure TA-55 operates safely.

“As a Facility Representative, you serve in a position that demands a strong questioning attitude, a high degree of technical expertise, and a continual quest for improvement,“ said DOE Secretary Steven Chu in a congratulatory letter to Krepps.

“Your performance exemplifies the very best from among almost 200 DOE Facility Representatives, a highly regarded group of professionals who ensure the safe and reliable operations of our facilities,” Chu said.

A federal employee at the Los Alamos Site Office since 2008, Krepps has 25 years of management and operations experience in the nuclear Navy and as a contractor at multiple nuclear facilities within the DOE enterprise.