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Sandia National Laboratories

Kevin Eklund
Kevin Eklund
May 2010 NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence

Two individuals and nine teams received the NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence at ceremonies this year at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and California. The NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence were created in the early 1980s to give special recognition to those at the laboratories and plants directly associated with the stockpile modernization program. Today, the awards honor exceptional contributions to the stewardship and management of the stockpile.

Kevin Eklund is recognized for outstanding technical leadership of Sandia's responsibilities in successfully achieving the B61 ALT 357 Life Extension Program (LEP). Kevin led the majority of the qualification testing for the ALT 357. He worked effectively with Los Alamos National Laboratory to define the full scope of test objectives, designed the number of tests to be as efficient as possible, and led the performance and completion of the tests. He is recognized as Sandia's expert in B61 earth penetrator technology. His role in the B61-11 development, as well as his current assignment as B61 weapon systems lead, has resulted in significant, continuous contributions to the B61 nuclear weapons program.

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