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Logistics Services Manager, Nevada Test Site

Lance Rakow, NTS Logistics Services Mangager
Lance Rakow
August 2009 U.S. Department of Energy's Management Award

Along with colleague Susan Livenick, Lance Rakow was awarded this years Department of Energy's Management Award honoring his outstanding achievements in energy and water management. Lance, the Logistics Services Manager at the Nevada Test Site, oversaw the conversion of nearly all fleet vehicles at NTS to using environmentally-friendly (E-85) ethanol and biodiesel fuels. Many agencies have switched to E-85, which reduces vehicles' petroleum use by 85 percent. "We took on the task of constructing and operating an E-85 fuel station, and have for a long time used biodiesel as an alternative to Diesel No. 2 at the test site," Lance says. "It really has been a team effort that's achieved this over the years."