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Associate Administrator for Management and Administration, National Nuclear Security Administration

Michael C. Kane with North Star Award, NNSA
Michael Kane
September 2009 Senior Executive Service Development Program's "North Star Award"

Michael C. Kane of the National Nuclear Security Administration received the Senior Executive Service Development Program's "North Star Award" at a ceremony here in Washington, D.C.  Kane received the award for leadership in developing the Nation's next generation of Federal senior executives.  His personal efforts expanded the program to include nine long-term overseas assignments at U.S. Embassies strengthening International and Foreign Service skills of the new executives, as well as establishing leadership learning laboratories among new executives.  These laboratories provide real-time in-complex organization management issues.  He was also commended for his steadfast support of continuing professional education in leadership and decision sciences.

In accepting the award, Kane reflected that "those called to public service are indeed embarking on careers of great substance and meaning as they serve the American people."  He acknowledged that his support of leadership education stems from his early experiences as a public school educator where he came to realize that the "transfer of knowledge, done well, allows us to better realize promising possibilities and influence their outcomes for a greater good."

The Senior Executive Service is the Nation's cadre of career Federal executives who direct and manage the workings of the Federal Government and its over 500,000 public servants worldwide.

The North Star Award is given by each Senior Executive Development Class to a single executive whose leadership, values, and commitment to public service, serve as a model to the aspiring leaders.

The Senior Executive Service development program itself is a two-year rigorous, competitive program that prepares seasoned Federal, state and private sector managers for entry into the Federal Government's Senior Executive Service.

Michael Kane is an alumnus of the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and The Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.  He holds numerous public service awards including the U.S. Navy Meritorious Service Medal, the Secretary of Energy Meritorious Service Medal, the Martin Luther King Service Award, the NNSA Gold Medal for Distinguished Service, the Blacks in Government Leadership Award, the CBS Federal Leadership Award for Financial Excellence, and the Rank of Meritorious Executive from the President of the United States.

Mr. Kane currently serves as the senior Career Reserve Executive in the National Nuclear Security Administration, where he is the Associate Administrator for Management and Administration.