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Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory - Space and Remote Sensing Group

Patrick Colestock
Patrick Colestock
November 2009 Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow

Six Los Alamos scientists have been designated 2009 Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellows in recognition of sustained, outstanding scientific contributions and exceptional promise for continued professional achievement. The title of Fellow is bestowed on only about 2 percent of the Laboratory's current technical staff. The new Fellows come from myriad scientific disciplines and have sustained high-level achievement important to the Laboratory, become recognized authorities in their fields, and made important discoveries used or cited by peers inside and outside the Laboratory.

Patrick Colestock is leader in applied plasma physics for accelerator applications and trans-ionospheric sensing of the Laboratory's Space and Remote Sensing Group. He is an expert in basic and applied plasma physics, and the physics of intense charged-particle beams. Among his scientific accomplishments, he has made pioneering contributions to the historic cyclotron resonance heating experiments on the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor and the Princeton Large Torus. He also helped optimize the performance of the Main Ring and Tevatron at Fermilab. He has 169 publications (4,363 citations). Colestock has testified before Congress on the future of fusion reactors and has served on several technical review panels of the National Science Foundation and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.