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Professor and Director of the Fusion Science Center of Extreme States of Matter and Fast Ignition, University of Rochester

Edward Moses congratulates fellow award winner Riccardo Betti
Riccardo Betti
September 2009 Edward Teller Medal

Riccardo Betti of the University of Rochester's Fusion Science Center of Extreme State fo Matter and Fast Ignition was recently awarded with the 2009 Edward Teller Medal. Betti was cited for his "seminal contributions to the theory of hydrodynamic instabilities, implosion dynamics and thermonuclear ignition in inertial confinement fusion." A professor at the University of Rochester and director of the Fusion Science Center for Extreme States of Matter, Betti has devised new ignition concepts and theoretical models for inertial fusion implosions and scaling laws for ignition. These scaling laws are the basis for present experiments on the OMEGA laser and future research on NIF.

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