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February 2012

Nuclear family
"A Nuclear Family: Y-12 National Security Complex" is a four episode documentary film that provides a first-hand perspective on the reasons Y-12ers want to do their jobs well and how they view their work to support the nation’s continued freedom. The Y-12 story is both one of technological challenges being met and people serving their nation by working on nuclear weapons to help win World War II, the Cold War and now fighting the War on Terror.

February's episode, "The Manhattan District," aired last night on East Tennessee PBS and is available online at

Located in the Bear Creek Valley of East Tennessee, the Y-12 National Security Complex dates to the earliest days of the Manhattan Project, when the Army Corps of Engineers turned fields and forests into facilities that would help win World War II. Like the city of Oak Ridge that grew up around it, Y-12 would emerge from secrecy to be known worldwide for its role in creating the world’s first atomic bomb used in warfare. Y-12 is more than just a place where people come to work; they are an integral part of national security. The series is giving viewers never-before-seen glimpses into the world-changing work done in Oak Ridge by East Tennesseans, some natives, some transplants, but all proud to work at Y-12.

"A Nuclear Family: Y-12 National Security Complex" is produced by Y-12 Video Services for broadcast by the East Tennessee Public Broadcasting System. The 30-minute programs are being shown the last Thursday of each month, January - "I've seen it," February - "The Manhattan District," March - "The race for peace," and April - "Lifting the veil." After each episode is broadcast, it is placed, along with several other historical videos, on the Y-12 National Security Complex's public web site.

Donna Soria
Donna Soria, campaign director with the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon, presents the Sybil B. Harrington Leadership Award to B&W Pantex General Manager John Woolery on Monday. B&W Pantex received the award for being the company that does the most to increase the number of leadership givers, those who pledge $1,000 or more to the United Way. Pantex pledged $614,535 to United Way this year, including gifts of $40,000 from B&W Pantex and $1,000 from the Metal Trades Council.

Woolery said Pantex was honored to receive award. “This confirms what we’ve always known, that Pantexans are incredibly generous and are eager to support this community,” he said. “The United Way is an important organization that does so much to help people in need. We are proud to support its work.”

President Obama has asserted that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.” With new threats arising every day, it is important that we have a superior mechanism in place to monitor and protect our sensitive data. As we work to be a smarter, more modern and more secure NNSA, the new Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center (JC3) will help us to better understand the health and security of our systems, data and networks complex-wide.

The JC3 is a unique way to tackle cybersecurity threats. I am working with members of senior leadership from the Department of Energy and other federal agencies to spearhead a team that will help maintain constant surveillance of our sensitive information. By pooling the resources of multiple organizations, we will more efficiently protect our cyber assets from those with malicious intent.

As issues arise, the JC3 will be able to pinpoint the problem area and work quickly to neutralize the threat. It will streamline information sharing, reporting and access to technical resources 24/7, while preserving individual participating organizations’ unique requirements and information.

This diagram shows how the JC3 will function:

JC3The JC3 aims to consolidate more than 11 stand-alone security solutions into one super cyber security monitoring machine, saving all involved parties time and money. This pillar of the NNSA Network Vision is vital to national security and the health of our organization.

Check back soon to hear more exciting news as we continue to work towards becoming a smarter, unified and more secure OneNNSA.

NNSA recently hosted the 2012 Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Symposium at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, D.C.

The symposium highlighted the accomplishments and promotes interaction among SSAA program participants, sponsors and the NNSA national laboratories. The symposium was geared toward NNSA-supported researchers with grants or cooperative agreements in the areas such as low energy nuclear science, the study of properties of materials under extreme conditions, high energy density physics, and grants awarded under the National Laser Users’ Facility Grant Program.

NNSA founded the SSAA to create opportunities for scientists in physics and other disciplines important to NNSA missions.

For details about the symposium see: