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April 2012

Perkins Award
For the second year in a row, B&W Pantex has been selected as the recipient of a prestigious national award from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), winning the 2012 Frances Perkins Vanguard Award in recognition of its work with women-owned small businesses.

Last year, Pantex won the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for excellence in utilization of small businesses.

“To be honored two years in a row by the SBA is a tremendous accomplishment,” said B&W Pantex General Manager John Woolery. “These awards validate our commitment to financial stewardship and to the support of small businesses throughout the local area.”

Pantex officials announced the award win at Corporate Technology Group (CTG), one of the women-owned small businesses Pantex works with in Amarillo, Texas. CTG was founded in Amarillo in 1981 as a computer and information technology service company. It now has offices in Amarillo and Arlington, Texas, and employs about 20 people.

The Perkins award was created in 1963 and is named after Frances Perkins, the U.S. Secretary of Labor under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Secretary Perkins was the first woman appointed to head a U.S. Cabinet post.

B&W Pantex consistently exceeds goals for direction of contracting work to businesses owned by disadvantaged groups. In fiscal year 2011, Pantex spent $19,897,945 with women-owned small businesses, a total of 17.8 percent of the $112 million in subcontracting dollars spent that year, nearly double the performance goal of 9 percent set by the Department of Energy.

About the photo:

Mark A. Padilla, second from right, assistant manager of contract administration and business management with the Pantex Site Office, talks with Corporate Technology Group (CTG) Executive Vice President Roxanne Hudson and B&W Pantex General Manager John Woolery at the CTG offices. Pantex officials were on hand at CTG to announce Pantex had received the 2012 Frances Perkins Vanguard Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for excellence in utilization of women-owned small businesses. This is the second year in a row that Pantex has been honored with a national award from the SBA for its support of small businesses. CTG, an Amarillo-based woman-owned small business, has been working with Pantex for more than two decades as a subcontractor.

The five people in the other photo are, from left: Brad Brack, small business program manager at Pantex, Woolery, Hudson, Padilla, and Mike Tryon, division manager for supply chain management at Pantex.

The Department of Energy–Savannah River (DOE-SR) and WSI-SRS, the security contractor at the Savannah River Site (SRS), are hosting the Security Protection Officer Team Competition (SPOTC) at SRS this week. The 2012 Carolina Challenge at SRS marks the 40th anniversary of SPOTC.

A tactical, skills-oriented firearms competition, SPOTC is open to teams of protective force officers within the DOE Complex. In addition, U.S. law enforcement and international competitors will participate. Sixteen teams will compete with local teams that include; WSI-SRS, Aiken Department of Public Safety, and Columbia County Sheriff's Department.

Teams test the skills developed to protect National assets in the event of a real-world crisis. To negotiate the various courses of fire, teams have to demonstrate a wide range of skills under the mental and physical stress of competition, to include: maneuvering safely through obstacles; shooting from unconventional firing positions; and rescuing downed officers.


B&W Pantex hosted its annual car race this weekend as part of the National Science Bowl competition. More than 15 teams of middle school students from across the Texas Panhandle gathered to race cars powered by a lithium ion battery down a 20-meter track. A bottle of water attached to the cars provided weight and increased the challenge of extracting speed from the cars.

The DOE provided kits the students used to build their cars over the past month. Battery-powered cars were selected this year to honor President Obama’s goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

Panhandle White took first place, while the Silver Team from Bovina, Texas, came in second. Third place went to the Gold Team from Panhandle, Texas.

Pantex employees help to plant a tree during the Regeneration 2012 event that was part of the Earth Day commemoration in Amarillo this weekend. Pantexans assisted in the event, where more than 250 trees were planted, along with landscaping and cleaning efforts at Amarillo's Thompson Park.