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June 2012

VPP flag

The Y-12 National Security Complex today held a ceremony in celebration of receiving Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP) Star status from DOE for excellence in occupational safety and health protection. The ceremony marked the start of Y-12 flying a VPP flag over the site's New Hope Center.

Dan Hoag, NNSA acting site manager, said achieving DOE-VPP Star status is a significant achievement for B&W Y-12. "It is a symbol of excellence in the pursuit of health and safety," he said. "VPP represents a strong commitment by Y-12 employees, the unions and management to continually strive for a safe workplace.”

Only 28 entities across the United States hold DOE-VPP Star status.

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About the photo:

B&W Y-12 Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Operations Bill Klemm (center) and Atomic Trades and Labor Council President Steve Jones (right) raise the DOE-VPP Star flag as Dan Hoag, NNSA acting site manager, looks on.

President Obama and Will D'Ercole

Several NNSA employees had the opportunity to meet and mingle with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama yesterday on the South Lawn of the White House. The event drew more than 1,000 employees from throughout the federal government. Seen here is Will D'Ercole, son of NNSA Director of Congressional Affairs Jed D'Ercole.

Electronic wakeLawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have for the first time simulated and quantified the early stages of radiation damage that will occur in a given material. A full understanding of the early stages of the radiation damage process provides knowledge and tools to manipulate them to the fullest advantage.

Nuclear radiation leads to highly energetic ions that can penetrate large distances within matter, often times leading to the accumulation of damage sites as the projectile passes through the material.

During this process, the energetic ions eventually slow down as energy is lost by friction with the materials’ electrons. Like a speedboat moving through a calm body of water, the passage of fast ions creates a disturbance in the electron density in the shape of a wake.

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About the graphic:

Model of the electronic wake (blue surfaces) generated by an energetic proton (red sphere) traveling in an aluminum crystal (yellow spheres). The resulting change in electronic density is responsible for modification of chemical bonds between the atoms and consequently for a change in their interactions.