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September 2013

B&W Y-12 recently donated $10,000 to the Children’s Museum in Oak Ridge to help support the museum’s programs, including its planned Healthy Living exhibit. Y-12 previously donated $15,000 to turn the museum’s current space exhibit into a “Rocket Room,” taking children on an imaginary trip to Mars.

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About the photo:
B&W Y-12 Public Affairs Manager Jud Simmons discusses ongoing projects with Mary Ann Damos, Executive Director of the Oak Ridge Children’s Museum, in the museum’s environmental center and gardens.

Y-12 donates 0,000 to Children’s Museum

Secretary Moniz and Director General of the Russian Federation State Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Kirienko signed an agreement this week to further collaborate on nuclear and energy-related research and development. The agreement was signed at the IAEA General Conference being held this week in Vienna, Austria. It includes research being done at laboratories, institutes and facilities and covers topics such as nuclear technology, nonproliferation, fundamental and applied science, energy and environment. It expands on and complements a prior agreement that was signed in January 2011.

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Contributing to DOE/NNSA’s efforts to support the Office of Personnel Management’s Feds Feed Families campaign to collect non-perishable food items for food banks across the country, NNSA’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) removed more than one ton of food from their pantries and store shelves; safely and securely transporting it to local food banks where it will be used to assist local area families in need. This year’s collection of 2,185.8 pounds of foods shattered last year’s total of 1,115.6 pounds of food donated to Washington, D.C., area food banks. This effort directly supported the DOE-wide efforts of collecting more that 190,000 pounds of non-perishable food items and household goods, that was donated to local food banks for direct distribution to those in need in the D.C. area.

NNSA’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative Removes More Than One Ton of Food

For more than 70 years, Los Alamos National Laboratory has been a frontrunner in explosives research, development and applications. To highlight the LANL’s work in the field of explosives, the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos is opening a new exhibit titled “The Science of Explosives” on Sept. 18.

The exhibit shows in pictures, words and videos how decades of cutting-edge research has made the Laboratory a worldwide leader in explosives applications. It will feature LANL’s work with explosives, from synthesis of new molecules to waste treatment. The exhibit also examines a variety of scenarios with many applications, ranging from explosives assessment and lethality to detonation and wave physics and blast effects.

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About the photo:
A typical explosives experiment fired in front of the PHERMEX bunker produces a brilliant fireball long after the hydrodynamics measurements have been recorded. PHERMEX was the location for more than 1,000 hydrotests and was the premier radiographic test facility during the Cold War.

LANL highlights explosives work