Gordon Bell visits Livermore

Researcher emeritus Gordon Bell spoke at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory this week and joked that when it comes to the security badge requirements for getting on site, "nothing has changed since my first visit in 1961."

But when it comes to high performance computing at LLNL, much has changed thanks to the computing technology revolution Bell helped bring about. Bell's presentation, “The Supercomputer Class Evolution: A Personal Perspective,” was a PowerPoint journey through time from LLNL's earliest supercomputing systems in the early 60s to today's era of massively parallel computing systems.

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Apr 26, 2013 at 4:00 pm

NNSA has 'Natitude'

Headquarters employees and their friends and families enjoyed the annual NNSA-EM-LM Day at the ballpark this week. The Nationals lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2.

More photos are available on NNSA's Flickr page.

Apr 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Nick Williams, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory retiree

Nick Williams, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory retiree, spends a lot of time explaining science concepts to 5th grade students. And now his time has paid off. He has been selected as a finalist in the 2013 Flame Challenge, an international contest that asks scientists to communicate complex science in ways that interest and inform an 11-year-old. The contest is sponsored by the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.

Williams' entry (#154)  was selected as one of the top 6 finalists in two categories: written and video. As a finalist in the written category, he is competing with two other entries.

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Apr 25, 2013 at 11:00 am

Brig. Gen. Dawkins honored at Air Force promotion ceremony

Brig. Gen. James Dawkins, Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Military Application for NNSA's Office of Defense Programs, was formally honored at a promotion ceremony at the Pentagon last week. Special guests were invited to witness his promotion from Colonel to Brigadier General.   

Brig. Gen. Dawkins began working at NNSA in January 2013. He is responsible for maintaining global nuclear deterrence through effective planning, maintenance and enforcement of a safe, secure and effective nuclear weapons stockpile and its associated materials, capabilities and technologies. He serves as a bridge between the NNSA and the DoD on joint nuclear operational and infrastructural matters, engaging in frequent dialogue with the various military services concerning weapons issues specific to each service and supporting related programming and budget matters pertinent to the NNSA and the DoD.

More photos are available on NNSA's Flickr page.

Apr 23, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Pantex sponsored its Electric Battery Car Race this weekend as part of the annual Science Bowl Competition. Nearly 30 teams from middle schools across the Texas Panhandle competed in the races, which were won by Bovina Middle School. Panhandle Junior High came in second and Dumas Junior High was third.

Pantex Electric Battery Car Race

Apr 22, 2013 at 10:00 am

Workers at the Pantex Plant are in the process of erecting nearly 400 metal supports that will be used to hang approximately 4,800 linear feet of new steam and condensate piping. The steam lines, which are as large as 14 inches in diameter, will run from the onsite steam generating plant to scores of buildings, where the steam will be used for various processes.

The $10 million project, which began construction in September 2012, will replace trenched steam lines with elevated lines that are less prone to corrosion. The project is being executed by a pair of local small businesses and is on schedule for completion in September.

Pantex erects nearly 400 piping metal supports

Apr 19, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Sandia director honors R&D 100 awardees

Sandia National Laboratories Director Paul Hommert shows appreciation for  Sandia scientists and engineers who won four R&D 100 awards for 2012. Visit NNSA's Flickr page for more photos.

The awards were won in competition with an international pool that included universities, corporations and other government labs. R&D Magazine presents the awards each year to researchers whom its editors and independent judging panels determine have developed the 100 most outstanding advances in applied technologies.

The awards, with their focus on practical impact rather than pure research, reward entrants on their products’ design, development, testing and production. The Chicago Tribune science writer Jon Van once described the contest as “the Oscars of invention.”

Apr 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm

NNSA Sandia Field Office Manager Geoff Beausoleil hosted a visit to Sandia National Laboratories by Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson on this week. Commissioner Johnson received briefings on technology transfer and commercialization, economic development, and environmental restoration including Sandia's groundwater protection programs. Following the meetings at Sandia's Science & Technology Park, the commissioner received a windshield tour of the Mixed Waste Landfill in Technical Area 3.

Bernalillo County commissioner visits Sandia

Apr 15, 2013 at 11:00 am

Miller participates at Energy Communities Alliance meeting

This week Neile Miller, Acting Administrator for NNSA, spoke to the elected leaders of the communities that host NNSA facilities at the Energy Communities Alliance annual meeting in D.C. Acting Administrator Miller thanked the communities for their support over the past year and indicated that their partnership is essential to helping NNSA execute its mission.

Acting Administrator Miller noted that in his FY14 budget request delivered to Congress this week, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to leading the global effort to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism, ensuring the safety of the American people, and guaranteeing that the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile remains safe, secure, and effective while it is still needed. His request includes $11.7 billion for NNSA, an increase of 1.6 percent over FY13.

She also provided insight into NNSA's priorities for the coming year emphasizing three core things NNSA will be focused on accomplishing in 2013.

Miller participates at Energy Communities Alliance meetingFirst, as always, NNSA is keeping the American people safe, and our communities are the pillars that support our nuclear deterrent, nonproliferation, and counterterrorism efforts. Second, NNSA is also modernizing in every way, as many have probably seen with construction jobs, subcontractor support, and changes to the nature and scope of work at our facilities. And, finally, NNSA is holding our people - Federal employees and Management & Operating contractors - accountable. NNSA must do more with less, so we owe it to our communities and the American taxpayers to rethink and revise everywhere we can. 

NNSA recognizes that our community partners have a great interest in how we communicate and engage on issues of mutual interest. NNSA is committed to operate in a manner that is open, proactive, responsive, and well-coordinated in managing relationships with state, local and tribal government stakeholders.

Apr 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm

KCP employees continue to ‘rescue’ the Blue River


Nearly 100 Kansas City Plant employees and family members turned out to “rescue” Kansas City’s Blue River last Saturday. The annual Blue River Rescue event successfully cleaned up approximately 100 tons of trash along its banks.

Each year the NNSA and Honeywell join hundreds of business and residential volunteers to help pick up trash and plant trees during the largest one-day stream clean-up in Missouri.

The effort calls on community volunteers to be environmental stewards of a 22-mile stretch of land that surrounds the waterway which flows near Kansas City Plant.



KCP employees continue to ‘rescue’ the Blue River

Apr 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm