emergency operations

  • Sandia National Laboratories and the California Fire and Rescue Training Authority (CFRTA) recently signed a memorandum of agreement to develop new concepts and capabilities for emergency planning,
  • Pantex Emergency Services now uses the Emergency Management Information System, or EMInS. From left: Maribel Martinez, Brenda Graham and Greg Roddahl.One of NNSA’s missions is emergency response, so
  • The Department of Energy (DOE)/ Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  Watch Office Desk in DHS's National Operations Center (NOC) represents DOE/NNSA within the NOC. In conjunction with over
  • When activated at senior leadership direction, the Forrestal Watch Office functions are transferred to a relocated Watch Office. This alternate Watch Office replicates the 24/7/365 mission and
  • The Forrestal Watch Office (located at the Department of Energy/NNSA headquarters) provides the 24-hour single point-of-contact for collecting, processing and disseminating time-sensitive emergency