Emergency Response

  • Planning for EmergenciesExercise ProgramField Assistance and Oversight LiaisonHomeland Security and Emergency Management CoordinationHQ Emergency Management TeamResponding to EmergenciesConsequence
  • NNSA provides assistance in developing and conducting emergency drills and exercises.  Exercises provide a valuable test of emergency management systems that yields results and “lessons learned
  • NNSA helps nations develop the core elements of an emergency response program.  Based on preliminary discussions with counterparts, NNSA develops emergency management programs with partner
  • NNSA engages the international community by working with more than 60 foreign governments and 10 international organizations, plus several regional organizations, to improve nuclear emergency
  • NNSA ensures that capabilities are in place to respond to any NNSA and Department of Energy facility emergency. It is also the nation's premier responder to any nuclear or radiological incident
  • NNSA develops and implements the policy of the United States to maintain a comprehensive and effective continuity capability composed of an integrated, overlapping national continuity concept in
  • The Office of Emergency Operations Support maintains situational awareness of the nation's energy infrastructure and nuclear weapons complex and facilitates management of national emergency events
  •  NNSA's Emergency Communications Network (ECN) provides managers at NNSA with the capability to exchange real-time voice, data, and video information for managing emergency situations that
  • NNSA prepares for nuclear and radiological emergencies across the globe.  We use a multi-tiered approach to strengthen worldwide emergency preparedness, while developing capabilities to respond