material protection

  • The Global Threat Reduction’s (GTRI) Nuclear and Radiological Material Protection subprogram achieves threat reduction by protecting risk-significant weapons of mass destruction (WMD) -usable
  • The mission of the Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) is to reduce and protect vulnerable nuclear and radiological material located at civilian sites worldwide. GTRI supports the U.S.
  • Working in close collaboration with DOE laboratories, DNN develops and tests new technologies to advance U.S. capabilities to monitor nonproliferation and arms control treaty and agreement
  • The Office of National Infrastructure and Sustainability (ONIS) is responsible for assists the Russian Federation in developing and maintaining a nation-wide MPC&A infrastructure, thereby
  • The Office of Material Consolidation and Civilian Sites (MCCS) is responsible for three key nuclear nonproliferation initiatives.Material Protection, Control, and Accounting (MPC&A) Upgrades:
  • The Office of Weapons Material Protection (OWMP) enhances the security of Russia's nuclear material at 37 sites, including 11 Russian Navy fuel storage sites, 7 Rosatom weapons sites and 19 Rosatom