• Planning for EmergenciesExercise ProgramField Assistance and Oversight LiaisonHomeland Security and Emergency Management CoordinationHQ Emergency Management TeamResponding to EmergenciesConsequence
  •  The National Technical Nuclear Forensics (NTNF) program is a Homeland Security Council and National Security Council-sponsored policy initiative that establishes federal agency missions and
  • NNSA's Emergency Response Operations program acts as the headquarters command and control, functioning as the coordinating focal point for all deployed assets during a nuclear or radiological
  • NNSA's Render Safe operations involve the deployment of the Accident Response Group (ARG), the Joint Technical Operations Team (JTOT), and the implementation of Radiological Triage. The support
  • NNSA's Consequence Management operations involve the deployment of the following assets in response to a radiological or nuclear emergency:     Aerial Measuring System (AMS) 
  • NNSA's first responders include the Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) and the Search Response Team (SRT).   These teams provide specialized national-level first responder technical and
  • NNSA serves as the premier technical leader in responding to and successfully resolving nuclear and radiological threats worldwide.  When the need arises, NNSA is prepared to respond