safeguards and security

  • Current and former members of the Lab’s Protective Force gathered to reflect on and recognize the contributions ProForce has made to securing Sandia National Laboratory’s resources, facilities
  • Challenge: Maintain the U.S. ability to monitor and verify nuclear reduction agreements and detect violations of treaties and other nuclear nonproliferation commitments.Solution: Develop and deploy
  • Challenge: Detect/deter undeclared nuclear materials and activities.Solution: Build capacity of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Member States to implement and meet safeguards obligations.
  • Challenge: Address evolving threats/challenges to the nonproliferation and arms control regimes.Solution: Develop programs and strategies to address emerging nonproliferation and arms control
  • Challenge: Detect/deter illicit transfers of nuclear/dual-use materials, technology, and commodities.Solution: Build domestic and international capacity to implement and meet export control
  • NNSA’s Next Generation Safeguards Initiative (NGSI) sponsors a project promoting international Safeguards by Design (SBD).  The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ) has described the SBD