Mentoring Program

Learning doesn’t stop with a college or post-graduate degree. It is a key part of individual career development and is central to NNSA’s efforts to build a highly-skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Mentoring is a centerpiece of our efforts to strengthen learning and development at NNSA and to preserve and share the knowledge of our highly skilled workforce.  NNSA encourages employees at all levels to participate as either mentors or mentees.  You may even serve in both roles so that you can share your knowledge as you learn from others.

Working with a mentor for as little as two hours a month, you can tap the expertise of a colleague down the hall or in another part of the country to strengthen skills you need for your job or develop new talents for that next assignment.  It’s a great way to make valuable connections in other parts of NNSA, assess your developmental needs and enhance your career opportunities.

As a mentor, you will be part of a program that helps form new professional relationships across the organization and provides you the opportunity to invest in the successful future of NNSA by passing on your knowledge.