Contract Administration & Business Management

The SFO Contract Administration and Business Management (CABM) office is responsible for providing direction, day-to-day oversight and contract administration activities related to the Sandia M&O contract and associated business management functions such as information technology, cyber security, human resources, procurement, personal property management, Inspector General/General Accounting Office interface, and records management.

CABM is also responsible for the coordination of the SFO evaluation of contractor performance through the development of the annual Performance Evaluation Plan and Performance Evaluation Report.  CABM oversees and facilitates the implementation of DOE and NNSA-specific policies, procedures, programs, and management systems pertaining to development and implementation of program controls related to the administration of prime contracts.

CABM is responsible for the preparation of the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act documentation; ensures fraud, waste, and abuse is appropriately reported; and coordinates the SFO self-assessment program.  In addition, CABM is responsible for the processing and execution of Work Authorizations. CABM provides direction, advice, processes and systems to facilitate SFO internal management systems for federal program direction budgeting, information technology, records management, and training.

CABM is also responsible for the SFO directives system process including the review, comment, and resolution of DOE-HQ Policies, Orders, Manuals, Guides, Rules, along with the SFO procedures, and incorporation of these into the Sandia contract. CABM is also responsible for maintaining the SFO Business Management System.

The Assistant Manager for CABM validates the formulation of the annual SNL S&S budget and monitors the execution of the approved budget.